Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fat Burger

That is what I had for lunch yesterday. My dad had the day off work and offered to take me for lunch and that was where he picked, I could have said no but I LOVE Fat Burger and it isn't somewhere I go often. I figured out what the points were when I got home and it was scary! On the other hand it was soooo good and it was only one meal. I was back to "normal" eating right after that. We had swimming last night and I got my workout in that way. My husband asked if WW gives extra points for the stress the swimming causes! They make you do some pretty difficult things with a little one. I am really enjoying it and I can't believe how well my little angel is doing!

Plan of attack for today is to eat really well as we have dinner at the inlaws tonight. They try really hard to be supportive but me MIL isn't really used to cooking "low-fat". I will just have to watch my portions. As long as th rain holds I am going to walk over there so I can get my activity in and get some fresh air. My friends are moving tomorrow and I am going to do some baking that I can take, we are starting the move right after work and I think the guys will get hungry quickly. I am also going to take a bit of a veggie tray to snack on as well. They are going to be buying us all pizza and beer but I think I will stop and get myself a subway since I already had Fat Burger this week and don't want to sabotage my WI for saturday morning. I think I should have another good week. I have gotten back into the habit of weighing myself daily and I have been happy with what I have been seeing. If I can keep this up I should be able to lose a total of about 10 lbs before Christmas! My goals have changed a little bit and I am aiming to be back to goal by about May (hubby and I want to go to Vegas for our anniversary). I am not going to stress about it and just do the best I can.

Well now that I have rambled on I should do some house work ;)

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  1. We all eat things that are less than healthy sometimes- it happens and it's ok. As long as it's not everyday. Your plan to get Subway is a good one! :)