Monday, October 18, 2010

Needed a Break

I needed to take a little break from blogging last week. I was in a very negative place and didn't think I should send that out into the blogosphere! I am feeling much better this week so I came back =( I have been reading all your blogs and that has kept me going. After not overindulging at Thanksgiving I was left feeling unsatisfied so I ate my way through my entire week. I kept waking up thinking I can do this today and by about 10am I was already off track. I have started off good today but it's only 9am ;) I had a big gain of 1.4 this week and it really made me realize that I can't play around anymore. If I want to lose this weight I am going to really have to put the effort in. So I have still been following along with Syl's challenge and getting in my 20 minutes (minimum), I think I have only missed one day so far. Yesterday we were going to my parents for lunch and hubby need to do some studying so I called my dad and he came and walked with me and the babe over to their place. This is a good walk! It took us about an hour and a half and it felt so good. Our weather has been so nice this last week and I have been getting out for a walk every day! I know I need to start doing some more and different workouts but I just love walking in the crisp fall air, it just feels amazing!

So we are trying something new around here and kind of meal planning. We haven't done this before and since I am trying to keep to a budget (money and points!) I think it will help. We decided to pick 4 meals for the week and shop for those (we eat at each set of parents house once a week). We want to have some freedom so we don't assign days to those dinners. I am hoping this will help stop me from shopping everyday and buying impulse junk. I am also trying something, this is only our second year where we will have trick or treaters and I have already bought my candy. It was on sale at Costco and I am only buying it once! I need to be able to control myself better, just because it is there does not mean it has to be eaten.

I tried a vitamuffin on the advice of my WW leader and boy was it ever good. I popped it in the toaster and had it with a little bit of Vanilla icecream and it was yummy!


  1. I find meal planning makes life so much easier, not only with the budget but also with being organized!

  2. Great idea to meal plan!! I also find life just so much easier when I know exactly what I am going to be eating and what is going to happen next. The second I don't have a meal planned out is the second I am going to be searching from something quick and easy which usually isn't going to be anywhere near a healthy choice. Make a goal to stick with it for a month and I bet you will be shocked at your results. Glad you are back and ready to take it all on again!!

  3. It makes life so much easier! I think I will set that goal, one month of planning!