Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Well this morning I stepped on the scale and the number was amazing! I am hoping I can keep it up for the rest of the week and be happy with the number I see Saturday morning. It is amazing how actually following the program helps you lose weight! Really?!!? You think I would have gotten that before now... Oh well, atleast I have got it now. I have a bit of a test on Friday night, we are having friends over for dinner....friends that don't know I am doing WW. She is super skinny and not someone I think would judge me but not someone I really want to talk about weight loss with. They are getting ready to move and have been eating out since they packed all their stuff away so I would really like to treat them to a good home cooked meal (I've been told that I am a good cook) and I am not sure what to make. They definitely don't need "diet" food and I am trying to stay away from it anyways. I always find dessert hard when there are only 4 people, it leaves alot of leftovers. Luckily we are out on Saturday to watch the UFC at my brothers and I can take that kinda stuff there or everyone to nibble on =) It's always a good place to get rid of snacky foods you don't want around. Well I am going to have to think about dinner.......

I was very proud of myself last night, I didn't get as much of a walk in as I wanted but I did think ahead and weigh some chips for myself (bakes lays) to have a treat with the game. I love 2 point treats that feel like they should be more. Hubby wasn't home yet when I got home and I was feeling oddly snacky but I didn't give in because I knew I wasn't hungry. I think that was a first! Well I am walking to the inlaws today for dinner, I can't wait to get outside! I told my MIL about being back at WW so she is trying to be mindful of what she makes for dinner. She is a wonderful Russian cook, which means alot of butter! I love her food but I would be huge if I are there too often!

Well I am off for now, have a great night!

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  1. There's a recipe you can find online for a low fat cheesecake. You make it with cool whip and light cream cheese. It's absolutely delicious and no one would know it's healthy!