Friday, October 29, 2010

I love Friday!

I ams o looking forward to this weekend. We have decided to shut ourselves off on Saturday and just spend some time the 3 of us and I couldn't be happier. I will got to WI and then we are just gonna get some stuff done around the house, go to costco and watch some tv. It is going to be so nice.

Today was an early start as the munchkin decided she wanted to eat at 5 this morning. She had a really restless sleep which means I had a restless sleep.....I must learn how to nap without waking up crabby. My eating has been pretty good today. I made a new recipe and it didn't turn out like I expected it to, I will have to try it differently next time. Oh well. I still need to get the veggies ready for tonight but other than that I am just waiting for hubby to get home. I won't be getting any "activity" today but I will be carrying a 17 lb child around all night. I have decided I am going to strap her to my chest and go that way. Well have a good Friday everyone!

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