Wednesday, August 31, 2011


4 minutes running is actually a long time to run! Tonight our intervals were 4 minutes running and 1 minute walking - it felt so good. My eating has been okay today - on plan but I did have a kitkat at lunch, didn't need it but I bought and ate it anyways. I like to have something salty at lunch and I am finding it too many points. I need to try some new things to see if I can get the points down. I really need to add more fruits and veggies to my day - I rely too much on points loaded things for snacks (granola bars, yogurt, cheese) and I am not finding it filling enough - if I add a piece of fruit or some more veggies with my lunch it will help keep me satisfied longer.

Today I was starving all morning! I had to keep dipping into my lunch to try and get full! It never really worked until I ate my whole lunch! I hate that feeling! I think I need to start eating more protein in my meals to help keep me satisfied longer. I would like to get into smoothies in the morning to help keep my points down and up my fruits and veggie intake - everyone says you can't taste the spinach =)


  1. I hate the feeling of being hungry all morning - hopefully the smoothies will help with that!

  2. You definitely can't taste the spinach in the green smoothies, but you'll need to add something to them to keep you full. I haven't made one in a few weeks because our grocery store's spinach has been icky lately :(