Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Food, food, food

Well I was not happy with my WI on Monday. I was up .2 - I know it is nothing but I was down so much more earlier in the week! I am very happy to say that I found my boxing gloves....at the gym where I forgot them =) I found them when I finally went back there today to get my butt kicked! It felt so good to get back. I even got on the treadmill at my parents yesterday. A good week of activity! The food has not been great....it is my birthday on Thursday and I have been eating a little more that I should be.

I am not at all excited for my birthday this year - it has been a really long year full of ups and downs and I am just disappointed in where I am. We have had so much going on and as I said in my last post I have not lost any weight....I have gained about 9 pounds. My goal for this year is to not be where I am today. I am not going to put a number or a place on this because it is so much more than weight loss. I want to be more financially stable, I want to be more organized and I want to be happier. Here is to 29 being a better year!

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  1. Sorry you're having a tough week with food, but nice on the exercise!! Happy early birthday too!!