Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Practice Run!

I actually got out for a practice run tonight! It felt so good to finally accomplish this! I also went to the gym after work - I don't generally like to double up like this but I was determined to get this run in. I am aiming for 3 runs this week. I have my class tomorrow and I am aiming to run Friday after work or Saturday morning when I get up. I will also be heading back to the gym on Thursday. I am aiming for 5 "workouts" (3 runs and 2 gym sessions) a week. I am not going to have any real days off as we try and walk each day on the weekend.

We have a long weekend coming up this weekend and it can't come soon enough! I am exhausted and need the break from my alarm clock! My eating was good today - I did have a nice treat after dinner with some of my weekly points and I did a good job tracking =)

1 comment:

  1. 2 workouts, go you!! :) SOunds like a great plan! Once it cools off (aka snows!) I plan to get back in the gym too. Happy workouts!