Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh Boy!

I was not good this weekend and boy did it ever show this morning! I was not going to share but really this is what it is all about. I weighed in this morning at 187.3....yuck! I knew it was coming but still it was more than I expected. I was very active this weekend and hoped it would probably did but this still sucks! Needless to say I was back at it this morning. I have tracked all day and did a really good grocery shop today to help get back on track. My activity was not what I hoped for today - I was really hoping to get a run in today but Grace was not in the mood for daddy time and daddy was a little edgy himself so I hung out with them for the night. I did get 2 light walks in today and will get to the gym and for a run tomorrow. I was really hoping to not have to double up but I really need this practice run!

I am really hoping to start making some real progress in my weight loss. I had a talk with hubby about him helping me out more, no more extra treats and getting out and being more active. I have also decided to not buy cookies anymore - if I happen to be somewhere and they are homemade I can have one - store bought are no more. I am hoping this will help make a difference, I am not going to cut everything because it doesn't work for me but cookies have really got to go! This cookie monster can't seem to control herself!


  1. Having your husband support you will make all the difference!

  2. Cutting a food that triggers your overeating is a step in the right direction. Talking to hubby about your needs is also excellent. Sounds like you are going in the right direction! Keep it up.

  3. Cutting trigger foods is huge! It's tough, but I keep telling myself that the diet dr pepper is NOT worth what it's going to make me crave later!

    I hope you can get hubby on board, it makes such a huge difference when your family is supportive :)