Thursday, August 18, 2011

Get it together!

So on Monday I forgot my runners and today I forgot my boxing gloves! I came home and the first thing I wanted to do was put my gloves back in my car where they belong! Well I can't find them....we took them out of my car for some reason and now I can't find them, good thing I have all weekend to look for them! Instead of my workout we went for a nice long walk and picked up Grace's passport and a few small things at Costco. We have a nice walk from our place that takes us past a park, up to the mall and then past Costco - I love it =)

Thank god it is friday tomorrow, this has been a long week! I really need a sleep in! We have some nice easy "plans" which include some good activity both days. We bought a baby backpack for hiking so we are going to give it a try on Sunday finally. The weather really hasn't been cooperating up until now for us to get out for a hike. We live about 3 blocks from a small lake and we are going to try and walk around it with Grace in the backpack - it should take us about 2 hours, it is 11 K and I figure with carrying Grace we will be a it slower. I think we will also take her stroller just in case she doesn't like the back pack.

So I peeked on the scale this morning and I am so excited! It is moving in a good direction =) Just need to keep this up over the weekend!


  1. Good Job!!! I haven't read in awhile, but it looks like from your tracker that you are doing super awesome!

  2. Have fun at the lake! I'm sure it'll be a great workout :) I'm sure Grace will enjoy the outdoors too.