Wednesday, August 17, 2011

3 minutes 2 minutes

That is what we ran today and I was so tired! I did not get my practice runs in and I felt it today. It was only me and the "teacher" and we kept what I felt was a really good pace! I also did good with my eating.

I was disappointed yesterday when I forgot my running shoes - I did not let it derail me I got home made and ate dinner and then packed up baby and hubby and we were off for a 6 or 7 km walk =) It has felt so good to get active again. I have been really missing the time to get out and do something. I will be back at the gym tomorrow - I had really wanted to get in twice this week but I am not sure that I will e able to make it happen on Saturday, we will have to see! It's a really short post tonight, hopefully more to say soon =)

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