Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Still Loving It!

I know if has only been one full day of the program but I still really love it! I ate so much better yesterday than I have in a while. Here is what my day looked like:

mini wheats with skim milk and pineapple
fiber 1 bar
1/2 contained vegetable soup, 3 wasa crackers with cream cheese and 2 slices deli chicken divided and an apple
1 cheese (little portion from costco - gouda) and a mandarin orange
chicken strips and baked french fries with some dip and 1/2 a carrot and some cucumber
WW pretzel bar (so yummy!)
5 16 oz. glasses of water

As you can see I ate a lot of fruit and veggies and no diet pop! I drank the last one I had in the house and have decided if I want one I will have to plan ahead and go out and buy one. I am not going to stock it anymore...I need to find some other options for a low cal "fun" drink.  I also got in a 1 hour SS class. It was just me and the teacher as it was raining and it hadn't been moved inside. I don't think I would have gone if I hadn't already paid for the monthly pass. Today has started off good and I am planning on doing my dvd but I will have to see how Grace feels. I wanted to walk to my inlaws but I think it is just too wet - it started raining about 11am yesterday and hasn't stopped!

**I forgot to mention that if you want some more detail on the new WW program (I don't really know how to explain it) to hop on over and check out Juliet - she has some great posts on it. In my opinion it is great!


  1. Looks like your eating is a lot "cleaner" on the new system!! I bet you're going to start feeling it and seeing results fast!

  2. It is amazing the difference a day makes!

  3. Great work! It's always good to know that you're doing something great for yourself, and you feel good about it!

    following you from fat to fit blog hop!