Friday, December 3, 2010

Epic Fail

That was my day yesterday....Grace is teething and it is not fun. She cut her first tooth earlier this week and it seems to have started to bother her. She was up at 5:50 and did not nap for more than 2 hours total all day long! Needless to say I couldn't go to SS and I couldn't get my dvd done either. Trying to get her a bit of a nap before bed we went to the mall for dinner and some baby ora gel. I did not make any good choices yesterday so I am not going to list my food for the day...I am too ashamed that I let this get in the way of my eating right. She is going to have alot more days like yesterday and even if I can't get my workout in it is no reason to let it derail my eating. Today will be a better day - she was up at 5:25 and was asleep again by 7:25 and is still napping (7:52) - compared to yesterday this is a record! We are going to be spending the day out with my mom so I will push for either subway or tim hortons for a good lunch option. My mom said she will hang out later so I can get my soup made - back to my planning!


  1. I think we have all had days like that, but I wouldn't call it a failure because you still came here, talked about it, and have made plans to avoid it today. Recognizing and taking steps to change it are sometimes the best we can do!

  2. Baby Girl has 4 teeth in and more on the way... I know how tough it can be. Just don't give up!