Sunday, December 12, 2010


So I will not receive an A for effort this weekend. I was really happy with myself until about dinner on Saturday. I made sure I got a walk in and made a good lunch and then it jut went downhill from there. We ordered pizza and I had it all planned out. I would have been fine if I had stuck to my plan but I was for some reason really hungry and went over board.....We then went out and I indulged a little bit more. Our hosts had quite the spread and I wasn't even tempted until the put out the chocolate covered cheesecake bites. I had 2 and they were so good! I was proud that I was able to walk away after that. I tracked everything I ate and I even had some Weekly Points left over until lunch today. We were at the mall and I indulged again....some poutine. I don't even know why. I then had some cookies at my parents. I managed to pull it together for dinner but now I am WAY over for the week. I don't know why I always fall apart on the weekend.....I spoke with hubby about how I was feeling and I am happy to say that he was extremely receptive and I have already noticed him pitching in more and whining less =) I am also happy to report that we finally put up our Christmas tree! We had it up but not decorated - now we are all decorated and I feel really Christmassy - I even got the hubby to listen to Christmas music (I spike his hot chocolate).

My SS classes are finished until the New Year so I am going to be doing my Turbo Kick DVD for the next few weeks. I am really looking forward to getting into it. I have been doing other things the last few weeks and it has gotten away from me. My daughter still takes some of her naps in her swing, I have moved it upstairs from the basement so I can do the DVD while she takes her nap - I prefer to have no interruptions when I am working out. I don't like pausing the DVD all the time - I just like to get it done.

Any tips or strategies for staying on track for the weekend?


  1. The weekends usually are tough because we have husbands home, and are so busy it's hard to plan sometimes! You had a great loss this week too!

  2. Thanks! It's like I forget everything on the weekends...I'll get there. It was better than it had been!

  3. Weekends are definitely the worst!!!! I just wrote a post on this VERY SAME topic, go figure. If you find any tips, please feel free to share as well!