Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend Update

Well I am very proud to say that I have stuck with it! Today I did vary of course for one part of one meal. We did had a lovely picnic at the spray park near our house. I did not want to take salad and chicken with me so I made myself a peanut butter and jam sandwich just like everyone else. This has been the only part on this diet where I have varied from what I am to eat. This is a first for me - with the flexibility of Weight Watchers I still ate crap as long as it fit into my points. With no points to count or calories I am just limited to what I can have. I am finding this easy and I really feel great. I even started my period and don't really feel too crappy. I did have a couple of moments where I really wanted to just grab soemthing crappy to eat - I did not! And in 6 days I am down 3 pounds! I think seeing the results so quickly is really helping me to keep on track and to stay motivated.

I have been doing pretty good with my activity but I can definately see room for improvement. With all the stress at work and the regular stress of owning a home and having a family I need to make time for myself. Time for me is really important, to help kee me sane and to help keep me healthy. Today I took some time and went shopping while Grace napped and it felt good to get out by myself and be on my own time. No schedule to stick to just me wandering. This was also a bit of a test for me - I am a secret eater. I used to go to the mall and get 2 cookies from Mrs. Fields, a chocolate bar and a pop - sometimes I would even have secret McDonald's......This is hard to write. I am embarassed to remember myself stuffing my face while I was out alone so no one could say anything. I am not saying I will never have cookies or anything again - just not like that. Nothing about food should be a secret or snuck unless it is a "secret family recipe".

On the lighter side - Grace and I spent the day at my parents on Friday where Grace ran through the "pinkle" for the first time!

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  1. Another cute picture! I can just hear her shrieks of excitement. :)

    I used to eat chocolate in secret but since I got married I feel like I'm cheating or something and I always tell my husband. So even when I think I'm getting away with something I feel guilty and tell him anyways. lol Weird.