Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weekend Indulgence

I forgot to blog the last few days. We had a blast at the wedding and I really enjoyed the weekend! I ate the best I could for the situations this weekend except for Sunday. My hangover left me eating everything in sight. I had a very hard time getting back on track - it took me until Monday. I took Sunday and indulged some craving I have been having - I figured I might as well satisfy so I can just get right back on track on Monday. I was really happy with myself on Monday for just getting back - I was even happier to get back to the gym! I am really loving how I feel right now.

The bottle of red wine I drank on Saturday night at the wedding and all the good food has me up a couple of pounds but I was expecting it so really I am not too upset. I wish I had gotten right back on track on Sunday but there is nothing I can do about it today except make sure I don#t let it happen again. I have some challenges coming up in the next week and I know it will effect my overall weight loss but I might want a piece of cake at the birthday party or a piece of dessert at the going away party and that is going to be an ongoing part off life where I need to learn to just have 1. The hubby and I also have a date on Tuesday to go and see Batman and dinner. I will be able to have some potatoe and red meat by then but I am sure it should not be prepared the way they will do it at the restaurant but I will do the best I can while still enjoying my life =)

I am really looking forward to Thursday and reporting my 17 day loss!

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  1. Sounds like you have a lovely week planned ahead of you! I think it's a great attitude to focus on the present instead of dwelling on the past.

    Good luck with everything!