Wednesday, July 11, 2012


My week just seems to be not going great. I am so crabby right now....I really just need to zen it out and take a deep breath. Let it go.

Ous stove is dying on us right now and we need to find a new one. Why does something always have to go wrong when you are just trying to save some money? It's like it is a rule!

I am extremely happy to say that I am down to 184.8! The lowest I have seen in a while - it feels so good. I have stuck to my diet and I feel relieved almost. It's so nice to see the scale move. I know the weekend is going to be hard - we have a wedding on Saturday and I am just going to enjoy myself. I know it will effect my numbers for 17 days but I am okay with it. I don't want to sit with a glass of water and no food on my plate.....I just want to enjoy myself without worrying. I am going to eat on plan for the rest of the day but then I am just going to enjoy seeing all my friends and eat what I want with a couple of drinks.

The crazy thing is I have not had a piece of junk food, chocolate, diet pop......nothing~! I am not really sure that I miss it all that much. Certain times I have felt like I would like it but I am not feeling deprived and I am really suprised by that. Talking with my father in law last night and he said that he couldn't do this because he couldn't have bread. I felt exactly the same way until I tried it....and honestly I don't really miss it. I haven't really been in a situation of a lunch out or dinner where I am avoiding something really good but I did eat a sandwich for lunch everyday and I am okay with not having it. I'm not saying I will never eat bread again but I will make it more of a treat than an everyday thing.


  1. I had to go back & catch up to see what your 17 day diet is about. Sounds like you're on track!

    And I totally hear ya on things needing fixed/replaced when you're trying to $ave! been there!

  2. We do need to enjoy ourselves. Sounds like you are doing pretty good. How do you find the 17 day diet. I was thinking about trying it.