Friday, July 22, 2011


I have been really stressed out the last few months. Very embarrassingly the hubby and myself dug ourselves into some financial trouble in the last 2 years. When we found out we were going to have a baby (she was about a year early) we decided we wanted to move. We were living in a one bedroom basement suite saving up for a down payment. Housing is VERY expensive in the Vancouver area (3 bedroom townhouse = $369 900 unrenovated). We saved a good down payment and my inlaws company handled the renos for us. So we bought, reno'd and furnished a place as well as having a baby all in under 1 year. I was then off work for 1 year, yes I was paid but it was less than 50% of my normal salary and we did not make enough changes. We thought when I went back to work it would all even it self out and we would be fine. Well it didn't quite work that way and things were getting tight. I phoned into the bank and they suggested that we consolidate into out mortgage, after talking it over with hubby and exhausting all other options we decided that was what we would do. I phoned in again and apparently the other person I had spoken to was wrong and we weren't eligible as our mortgage is too "young". Well I went into to work today and swallowed my pride and asked for a loan, we are a smaller company and they are always willing to help. I feel 1000 pounds lighter now...

My eating has been pretty good - I also got another workout in yesterday and another 2 minute plank! I am feeling stronger every workout!

I am on my own with Grace this weekend and I am planning a couple of really good walks and hopefully even a run!


  1. Oh, finances can be so stressful. So glad it all worked out and you are able to feel more comfortable!

  2. It's good they were able to help! Stress is a downer when watching what you eatin, so glad you're getting rid of some of it. Do a run, you can do it! :)