Monday, July 18, 2011


More good days is what I need. Getting sick last week really mucked me up - I have not been able to workout since Tuesday last week and I really don't like that. I did manage to lose 1.8 this week which I am really proud of. My eating has not been perfect but it has been much better...well except for today. I think I need to give you some back story before I tell you why today was nit great eating wise - we went to a wedding on Saturday. The bride and groom decided everyone would have to take a 15 minute hike down to a secluded beach...well the weather was the shits and it was slippery....hubby's 73 year old aunty fell and managed to dislocate and break her ankle in 3 places. We weren't allowed to see her yesterday due to surgery so we could only go right after work. We can't wait too long for dinner because of Grace so my inlaws decided we would stop for burgers - they were really good but I know they are really high in points...I am afraid to track today. Oh well - must move on.

Tomorrow I will be getting back to the gym - I am still congested but I think I should be fine now. I am hoping to keep up with the weight loss. I am disappointed that I won't be much smaller for my brothers wedding but I need to lose weight for myself not a function.