Monday, July 11, 2011


I have hit that infamous reset button again. I weighed in this morning and took my measurements. I am going to update my tab tomorrow (the stuff is upstairs and I am too lazy). My starting weight this morning was 186.1 - the heaviest non-pregnancy weight I have ever recorded....

I can't dwell on it - I just need to move forward. I had a great day food wise and got out for a 45 minute walk with the fam after dinner. I got back online with WW and have tracked my points for today as well and input my weight and measurements. I know it is too little too late for the weddings this summer but it will be something. I will do the best I can to get the most I can off before my brothers wedding. I am going to commit to 3 times at 30 minute hit and my one night of running. I am trying to get some extra running time in but it doesn't seem to be happening right now.

I have been reading up on the "17 day diet" and I am finding it quite interesting. I am not quite sold on it but it does have some really good points about eating ore balanced diet and trying to avoid some of the fruits that have a higher concentration of sugars (bananas/watermelon and some others) and trying to eat more berries. They recommend only 2 servings but that was something that didn't work for me. I am trying to eat fewer carbs and more protein as it is suggested in most "diets". I was happy with some of the ideas I got from the book but the eating plan was far too restrictive and the calories were too low to support the level of activity I was to achieve.

One day down....a lot more to go.


  1. you can do it! i love the rest button

  2. Yay for the reset button. We all need it at some point... After not weighing in for about three weeks I'm headed there on Thursday. We all need a fresh start, and the push to get us in motion again every once in awhile. Good luck lady - I know you can do it!!

  3. YAY for the reset button, I'm kinda on that boat right now too, we can do this!! :)