Friday, April 29, 2011

Up and Down.....

I am happt o report a small loss of .9 this week. I didn't think I would see a change and if I can keep working I should be getting to new lows in the next few weeks. I tracked all day today and ate much better. I am still struggling with the snacking at work part but I am trying to make them healthier. I hope grapes are one sale somewhere this week because they are always nice to snack on!

Not too sure for the plans tonight - waiting on hubby to get home but we will be out tomorrow for dinner as Grace is sleeping at Grandma and Grandpa's. She did great at my inlaws and I am hoping for the same with my parents. I got a really nice comment at daycare about her - "if all kids integrated this well my life would be easy". That was really nice to hear!

I had IMS today so no workout but we will be out for a walk as the weather has vastly improved! I hope it starts to get a but warmed soon. I can't believe we leave for Vegas on the 16th! I have been checking the weather and they are forcasting as high as 35! I need some serious sun!


  1. lol I was like why is she happy about 35 degress. but then i remember i was thinking fahrenheit (sp?) and you were talking Celsius!!!!

  2. I was thinking the same thing about 35- I'm like- something isn't right there. ;)

    Great job on the loss!!!

  3. You are doing very well! I hope Vegas is a dry heat because at 35 degrees C and humid, you will be sweating up a storm! Enjoy the trip x