Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bad Everything.....

Well folks I have been busy and away from kind of everything. I did not make it into the gym like I had wanted to on Friday, I did substitue a nice walk in but it's not enough. Saturday night grace had her first sleepover with my inlaws.....and it went great! She will be sleeping one night at my parents this weekend and hopefully it will be just as good. We are trying to get her ready for she is used to not sleeping at home. She is doing so well at daycare that I am feeling as good as I can about leaving her. I know we need it and it's not going to hurt her but it makes me sad! For Easter on Sunday I got 2 really good walks in and then didn't over do it at dinner. The nerves from the hockey game had me too amped!

My eating has been off and on and I really need to get my ass in gear. I was up 2.2 last week, my guess is all the snacking and I don't think the scale is going to move much this week. I am going for a workout tomorrow and my eating is getting step at a time. I am so happy my Canucks made it through the first round of the playoffs...I nearly had a heart attack watching the games!

Well my goals for this week are to get on here more, eat better, track and move!

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