Monday, May 2, 2011


All I can dream about is sun right now =) I need to go to Vegas! 14 more days! My stomach has really been off the last few doesn't seem to matter what I eat it just doesn't sit right. I hope this goes away soon =( I was hoping to get to the gym today but my hubby had to take the cat in to the vet so i had to go get Grace and today was our Federal election so we had to VOTE! I was so proud to see the young turnout...well the turnout in general was much better this time. It is so important to have your voice heard. I was surprised how many people didn't want to make a statement? I don't know.....

I got my book in the mail from Alissa! I am so excited to have won! I will be saving it Vegas or when we get home. I will let you know how it is!

Grace cut 3 teeth this weekend and its been a long couple of days. She has had some trouble getting to sleep, tonight was better but I have been pretty tired the last few days. She slept at my parents on Saturday and did really well but both Friday and Sunday we had to hop in the car to get her to sleep. It has been months since we have had to do that! Well I need to relax so I will talk at you later!


  1. I've never been to Vegas and hope to go someday. Sun would be nice right now:) Actually, it looks sunny out but it is unseasonably cold!

  2. Vegas sounds so great-my little souvenir from our vacation from there is turning two next week. =)

    I hope you stomach issues and teething issues all work out soon. If they are front teeth she might like a frozen wash cloth to chew on. Good luck!

  3. I hope that you feel better soon. We finally got some sun today after a solid week of rain and horrible storms. So uplifting. At least your little one is getting some of the teething with all at one time!

  4. Glad that you got the book! There is a lot of useful information in the book- I really enjoyed it! :) Vegas is coming up!!!

  5. I love Vegas! LOVE! I wish I had a trip coming up too! I am dreaming about sun here too, its too cold!