Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Today was our first visit to daycare....and it was great! I don't think Grace even knew I was there, she was so busy playing and crawling around. I think I am going to have to send more food than I am used to because she is going to be moving around so much! I am thrilled that she liked the kids and I think she might even have her first boyfriend =) They were flirting and he was showing her everything he can was so cute!

I have been doing good on the 29 points. I made a little good yesterday and decided that Kraft Dinner wouldn't be that bad.....well it was 12 points for 1/2 the box! Needless to say I did not have 12 points left and had to use some of my weekly points. I know it's not something I should be eating but I do like it every once in a while.

I think Grace will only have one nap today so after she eats her lunch I think we will walk over to the local mall so I can pick up the last few things I need for her birthday party and a book to help me with decorating her cupcakes and a good recipe for buttercream icing. I really enjoy baking and stuff and think it would be fun to give the decorating a try!


  1. I made Kraft Dinner yesterday as well for din din.. I used skim milk and no margrine to make it a little better.

    So great making the cupcakes for the B Day.. Im going to attempt to make my little guy's cake as well.

    Can you post some pics of the cupcakes to give me a few ideas?

  2. thats great about daycare!!!

  3. Thats what those weekly pts are for, so you dont feel deprived. Don't worry about it!