Tuesday, April 19, 2011

snacky, snacky

All I want to do is eat! I thought it would be easier at work but I am finding I am always hungry and I just want to graze! I have tried having good options around but it never seems to be enough! I need to come up with different ways of dealing with this. I am going to put some gum in my drawer and see if that helps.

I had my second acupunture treatment today and I am really hoping it helps! I am super excited to get back to the gym tomorrow and can't wait for next week when I can go regularly =) I have been really missing going. I have found myseld craving the gym...it's a nice feeling =)


  1. I always want to eat when I am at the office too. It helps to keep a water bottle handy and healthy snacks in a drawer. :)

  2. Try chewing gum. Extra has some cool new flavors. That acupuncture sounds interesting! Let us know how it goes!

  3. i have been very snacky this week. i was blaming it on the weather!

  4. I actually find the opposite for myself. When I was working (I am not right now) I never had time to eat at work so I didn't snack. But I also ate like crap! Now that I am home, I am always looking at the clock to see if it is lunch time/dinner time/snack time.

    I think that when the new routine sets in it will work out. Gum is definately a helper for me when I want to snack. or some crunchy vegetables...