Thursday, April 28, 2011

So Good!

I got in for a workout today and it felt so good! I got some great new moves to help with the shins and they were intense! I was so sweaty and it felt great! My eating was better today but still not on point and I will be starting my tracking again tomorrow. I don't think I will see a change on the scale but next week I will for sure. Now that we are back to regular work weeks I will be able to get to the gym 3 days next week and I am really looking forward to getting back at it. I have still been walking a lot but I really need to get more than that done! Some of the new moves helped me realize just how weak I have gotten in the last year, I will remember with my next pregnancy to keep up with strength training!

We are getting back on budget and to help myself I am going to start meal planning again. I let it go a while ago for some unknown reason and never really got back to it. I find we eat better and it's cheaper because I am not running to the store all the time. I am going to try and have one big shop on Sunday and only have to go in for fresh fruit and veggies. I really want this to become the "norm" for us. Well I am enjoying the first game of of the second round of the stanley cup playoffs for our Vancouver Canucks! Have a great night everyone!


  1. I have to plan my meal 1) to keepings organzied when we get home from work and 2) so i know how many calories i need to save for dinner.

    congrats on the buffalo sabres are done :(

  2. Glad to hear that things are tracking! It is so much easier to keep to a budget when you do some serious meal planning. Also so much easier to eat healthy when you plan ahead!! Have a great weekend!!