Monday, April 4, 2011


I have hubby home with us today as he has his final exam today! He is studybing hard and I hope he does really well!

So I took the weekend off of everything. I couldn't say I ate terribly by any means but I was not tracking like I should have been. Grace is feeling a better so I cut her off yesterday. I decided I would lose her last 2 feeding all at once as there is just under 2 weeks before she goes to daycare and I really wanted her fully and comfortably on milk by then. She has done great! I am so proud of her.

As of today I am down to 29 points....I have had 36 because of nursing and I think this might be hard. I am ready for the challenge but I did "enjoy" myself a bit this weekend knowing that my weekly points would not be lasting quite long enough. I went shopping last night and picked up some yummy snacks that will hopefully help to keep me full and within my points.


  1. I'm sure you'll go with the 29 points really smoothly.. You'd think that they would not do that "cold turkey", but that they'd move ya down a few a week..

  2. Good luck on 29 points! I'm on 29 and find it is pretty easy to live within if you're a little creative. I eat a lot of fruits & veggies as fillers and my breakfast is low point (1/2 C oats and a banana - 2 pts). Good luck!

    I can't remember - do you go to meetings or just do your own weigh-ins?

  3. I have just switched to doing it myself - saving some money =)

  4. 36 to 29 is a pretty big jump but I am sure that you will do great!!