Monday, August 20, 2012

Still here!

We have had a long couple of days and quite honestly when I sit down at the end of the night I consider blogging and then.....I just sit here. Couple of nights I was eating ice cream. Today - not so much. I have cut out pop again and I have a killer headache! It started just before I got to the gym for my workout and has not slowed down. Luckily my lovely husband looked after bath and bed for our adorable daughter tonight!

It is my 30th birthday on saturday and quite honestly I am not that excited. It will be a busy week full of food and I am just going to do the best I can with it. I did manage to lose the weight I gained on holiday and even got .4 ahead. That felt good. I am pretty sure I blew it this weekend but got right back on track today. I feel with pop I am bloating myself and it just makes me want to eat crap. I will still occassionally have one because I am not much of a drinker and I do not really like only having water when we go out.

Today I branched out at the gym and did some light work on the machines. My body seems to respond quickly to weights - I am hoping this will help spur my progress along.

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  1. Happy early birthday! They say that by lifting weights and gaining muscle that your metabolism speeds up and you burn more calories overall, so you're on the right track! :)