Thursday, August 30, 2012

At the Movies

Hubby and I had an impropmtu date tonight. My parents called the other night and asked if they could take Grace to the fair (PNE) tonight. She had asked on Sunday if they would take her and since they are off for the long weekend they asked if tonight would work. We jumped at the chance to use some of the movie passes I got for my birthday and went and saw "The Expendables 2". I know it's not an ideal movie but it was really entertaining! If you are looking for something kinda funny and action packed than this would be the movie for you or your hubby ;)

We skipped dinner and pigged out on popcorn and some candy. Not a great idea when I weight in tomorrow but there is nothing I can do about it now. I will be trying my morning workout routine tomorrow. Yvon will be on his own getting Grace ready and to daycare - I think he can do it ;p I am looking forward to mixing things up. I was listening to the raido this morning and they were interviewing a diet book author (something about OMG - I can't remember) and he was saying that working out in the moring before you eat is best as you burn only fat. This happens because there is nothing else in your system to burn....hopefully there is some truth to this!

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