Tuesday, August 14, 2012


That is what I ate today. I went to the store and lunch and totally ate crap.... I am so ashamed but I am going to share. For lunch today I ate  glazed doughnut, chocolate chip muffin and a kit kat. Seriously folks that is what I ate. What the fuck (sorry for the language but you saw what I ate) was I thinking/doing? I apparently do not want to lose weight.....

I was pleased that I got my shit together enough to go for a 40 minute spin on the elyptical after work. It felt so good. I had dinner at the in-laws - not great but not terrible. I did manage to "get rid of" the remaining icecream.  I am seriously just.......I do not know what to say.

Tomorrow is a new day and I really need to make better choices if I want to lose this weight before I get pregnant again and make things even more difficult.

On another note I really need to revamp my blog - all of you have such pretty sites and mine has been the same forever and a day! I just need to figure out how to do it. My husband is watching a terrible show and I think I will take this time to play.

Tomorrow will be a better day full of better choices.

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  1. Trust me, we all have days like that! At least you didn't eat a DOZEN glazed doughnuts!! ;) Also I don't know if you figured out how to redo your page or not, but when I did mine I just googled blogger layouts and backgrounds. I ended up making my own banner with the help of Adobe Photoshop and had to look up how to work with HTMLs to put it all together. I don't remember exactly how I did it (I know, you're probably like wow that's helpful then) but I know there's instructions on the Internet somewhere! ;)