Thursday, August 23, 2012


The birthday festivities are starting early and I have also got my period! This has not been an easy week to say the least. I am trying to stay on track but it has not been easy. I have managed 2 workouts but forgot my shoes on the third day and had a massage therapy appointment today. Hubby and the kid are staying home tomorrow and I am getting up and going for my workout. I really need to get atleast one more in before the weekend.

To celebrate my birthday we are taking our daughter to The PNE. It's our summer fair and I am so excited to get her on some of the rides. It should be a really good time full of some really shitty food. There are mini donuts and a plethora or fried foods. I know I will be eating some - I will not lie to you. This is the one time of year I can get min donuts and I will not turn them down.

Tuesday morning my mom and I will be restarting the 17 day diet together. I do not know if my mom will follow as strictly but I need to get those last pounds off before we start trying for baby number 2 in October. I do not know that I will make it to 165 but I really do not want to wait anymore. I am having a hard time waiting until then to be quite honest but I know I need to get more weight off so it will not be the same struggle again.

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