Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Well I had an amazing birthday weekend1 So much more than I expected and I loved all of it! It started with an amazing day at the PNE with my lovely daughter and husband. It was so much fun taking her on all the rides! She just thought it was great! This was followed by a small surprise party held by my brother and sister-in-law. They invited 3 other couples and we all went for a really nice dinner and drinks. This was followed Sunday by a really yummy family dinner. I was really not digging turning 30....but it is really alright. I ate what I wanted and tried to move as much as possible which left me at the same weight I was when this all started. I am even making progress this week and have gotten my eating back on track.

I have been trying to give up diet pop for some time now but I can't find anything to replace it with....I really like having something in the evening (especially on the weekends) when we sit down to watch tv. Any suggestions?

I got back to the gym today and it felt so good! I did just over 30 minutes on the elyptical and then one round of the machines in the womans section. I think this is what I am going to make my routine. I may switch it up with the treadmill occassionally but I have really started to like the elyptical. I was resistant to it at first but it is such a good workout! I love the sweat I get going in just a short amount of time.

I am sad to see our long nights shortening quickly but I am looking forward to slightly cooler weather and some better sleep. I hope you are all enjoying the last days of summer!


  1. Happy (belated) birthday. Wish you have a great time.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Have you tried hot tea? Now that the weather will be getting cooler, I like a nice cup of tea in the evenings. There's so many flavors to choose from, and you can add milk for extra sweetness (I use stevia rather than real sugar too). I don't know, just a suggestion for your diet pop dilemma. Anyways great job on the exercising!! Keep at it!