Monday, August 13, 2012

Still Coasting

I do not know what I am stuck on right now but I cannot pice together a whole good day! This is rediculous - the worst part? the more I eat the worse I feel and the more I WANT to eat. I am even slipping into the terrifying habit of secret eating. I am pretty sure this is how I gained all of this weight and why I cannot get rid of it.

Do you eat in secret? Any suggestions on dealing with it?

This week we have family photos - I won them from one of the women who took our wedding photos 5 years ago! I am kind of excited but it is dampened by the fact that I do not look as I wish....I am going to get my make up done so that should help with part of it but I am so unhappy with my body right now. I did get to the gym today and I will be going Tueday and Wednesday to help as much as possible. I feel so much better when I workout. My eating was great until I got home and was alone...

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  1. Oy, friend, I've been there. I might even be there right now a little bit. I so want to be making good choices and losing weight but I can't seem to string together 1 whole good day. Hmmmm, we can do this!!!! One good choice at a time.