Thursday, May 5, 2011


I had a very stressful day today at work and I am please to say that I did not let it get the best of me! I went for a short walk and a quick tan (just trying to get  a base for Vegas) and I felt much better. I was hoping some of the annoying things at work would have changed while I was away - no luck! My direct manager has been slacking off and then she lies about it. I am her main fill in while she is away and usually end up seeing how backed up she is.....needless to say I had a talk with our boss today about how she is not pulling her weight! The most annoying part is we just had a meeting about all of this and she LIED right to all of our faces saying she was caught up and doing what she was supposed to do!  I don't like cleaning up others messes - when I go away I make sure that I am caught up and I try and get extra done so I am not overwhelming someone else....I have done what I can about this and need to just move on.

I don't know if I have mentioned on here before that about 1 year after I reached goal I started working for WW - I was using it as a way to help keep on track. I learned so much about people and their weight loss as I talked to them for a couple of minutes a week - I felt invested in their weight loss but lost sight of mine. I loved working there but I got overwhelmed with full time work and then too many fill in shifts on top of my regular meeting. I started gaining weight and I could not get anywhere. I couldn't get my footing - so I decided to stop working there and rejoin as a member myself, I felt a lot of pressure because I had worked at almost every meeting in my city. I felt like everyone was watching me......I seem to have all the answers, I just don't seem to be able to put them in motion for myself. I couldn't then and I am still struggling now. I have been doing better but I still struggle to make the "right" choices. One day at a time I am trying to put that knowledge  to good use.


  1. It is hard BW&B. So very hard. People can be so nasty to each other. You just have to let it go. It is her issue.

    I am in a struggle again at the moment with food vs weight loss. I want it but then I think I want sugary crap too. One foot in front of the other... x

  2. I can see how you'd feel like you had to stay thin or do good while working there. I think on some level people were watching you, but the same way I always felt like I was being watched by other members and the people who worked there. If I ever gained, I would feel like the woman was judging me... :( Lol you'd think that would be motivation to do better, but sometimes it just has to click with you rather than having any external factors motivate you.

  3. Great job staying in control even during a stressful day - amazing how outside factors impact our healthy decisions.

  4. Try not to put so much pressure on yourself! But you will get back to you! xoxox