Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Did You Miss Me?

I sure missed all of you! I know it has been a long time and I am never going to get caught up reading everyones blogs but I will start being current! I have missed reading all of your successes!

We had an amazing time in Vegas - missed Grace like crazy but we did manage to eat, drink and gamble to our little hearts content. I only managed the treadmill one day while we were there because I was sick (I got a cold the day before we left) and we walked so much during the day that I figured it would be enough....what a mistake - I got on the scale Saturday morning when we got back to read 181.7! I was almost sick.....needless to say I have gotten myself back on track and I am getting rid of it! I had a leader that always said "fresh fat moves fast"....I am working so it does!

My plan for getting this and more off is to track, track, track and I will be at 30 Minute Hit atleast 2 times a week (Set days of Tuesday and Thursday) and more if I can make it work. If I can't we will be out for a walk - no days off. It is just under 80 days until my brothers wedding and I determined to not be a size 14.....So far I have been doing good and have been tracking and I was at the gym today and will be back tomorrow - I missed Tuesday because Grace has a cold and I had to pick her up from daycare.

I am just watching the American Idol finals - I wish I could move like Beyonce and Tim McGraw has still got it!

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