Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nail Biter

My Canucks are trying to give me a heart attack! I am so happy we pulled it out in overtime!

Now, on to the rest of life. Grace had a better night last night so I had a better day today =) She only woke up once last night at about 4:30...she was sleeping on her blanket instead of under it so she was a little cold. I had a hard time getting back to sleep and then it was 6 and time to shower. My stomach is feeling better today and my eating was better today too. I had another acupuncture appointment today and I really felt in better control tonight - I was able to read myself better tonight and stop before I was over full. I didn't even want a pop tonight when we got home from the inlaws. I am starting to notice some positive changes.

I am getting really excited for Vegas - if you hadn't noticed ;) I am also starting to feel uneasy....I had really hoped I would be back into my prepregnancy clothes and even working on the ones from before that. Well needless to say I am not there and I am not looking forward to a bathing suit. I got 2 new tankini tops - hubby says I look great in them but I can't convince myself of the same. I guess I just need to work hard these last 13 days and do what I can. I am going to be using the gym while I am there but I will also be eating and drinking more than usual so i am hoping to come back even.....And just in time for our holiday I seem to have developed a rash on my side - I went to the doc today and he assured me that he didn't think it is shingles....I kinda tried to self diagnose and had myself feeling quite paranoid. He said he didn't think it was but he would swab and check anyways. He also said if it is singles it is already healing....I just wish there was a cream that would make it go away! I guess it's a good thing that my bathing suit will hide it......Well I am pooped so it's off to bed!

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  1. I don't believe in "lose weight fast" tricks but...in light of an upcoming vacation...minimizing (eliminating) carbs/sugar helps me lose weigh around my middle. And fast. Fill up on veggies and lean meats.

    Glad you're feeling in control and are seeing some success!!