Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekends are too short!

I really wish the weekends were longer - like 3 or 4 days or maybe even 7! It was a busy weekend and I did okay with my eating. I tried my best but I did slip up a few times and eat things I probably should not have. I did track everything and tried to get some more activity but it is what it is. I have a lunch out tomorrow and it will be higher in points that I would like but there are no good choices at this restaurant. I won't be at the gym tomorrow but I will be out for a walk after making a light dinner at home.

It should be a busy week again - I am happy that we should be having a quiet week/weekend minus the Stanley Cup Finals that my Canucks will be playing in as of June 1! I am so excited to get this started and we are going to win =D Hubby and I are hopefully going to get tickets to one game - they are expensive and going to hurt our budget but it took the Canucks 17 years to get back to this point and they may never be there again....It is so amazing going to a playoff game let alone one in the final round....not that I have been to one in the final round but I think it is going to be amazing!

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