Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have been doing some work from home for the company I will be returning to in less that 3 months (so sad to have to go back) and it took me 15.5 hours over the last week! I try and only do it while Grace is sleeping so it takes up most of my nights. It'll be nice to sit back and relax for a bit tomorrow instead of the hour I have been getting. It is all worth it because it has helped me afford my new stroller! I got a Valco Ion and I am SO in love with it. I just have a regular Eddie Bauer that has treated me really good through the first few months but I have been finding it harder and harder to steer it and it's a but too big when I am out shopping. I can't wait to get it!

So my food has been pretty good except I have indulged in some Baked Cheetos! Everything else has been really good. I got out to my fitness class today and it felt good. I love going and talking with the other moms while I still get to get a good workout. I don't do any other baby and mommy things so it's good for Grace too! She LOVES being around other kids - I should find something else for us to do but I find all the classes are quite expensive.

Hubby and I talked and we are going to start the C25K program together. He would like to start running again and I would like to start for the first time ;) It will be something we can do together - just bundle up the little one and off we go! I will have to download it to one of our Ipods - well he will, I don't really handle the tech in the family. Well I must go pay for my stroller now - have a good night!


  1. Congrats on the new stroller.. I hope it works for ya better than the one you have.. And can I just say that you could have indulged on REGULAR cheetos (which would have been worse), so good for you for making the best choice.. and if we couldn't have cheetos, what kind of life would that be? ;)

  2. Congrats on the new stroller- will this one be easier for the outdoor classes?

    I think it's awesome hubby is going to do c25k with you!! It's always easier when you aren't doing it alone!

  3. How exciting for the new stroller. I agree with Sarah, baked cheetos was a much better option than the regular ones :)

    I am going to start C25k feb 1st. I used to be big into running, have ran a 10k, but after baby #3 that hasnt happened. I am excited, I love the way running feels. good luck!

  4. Thanks! This new stroller should be better for everything =)

  5. awww. I have a Baby Grace as well. there's just something about that name. it's very special to have a Gracie. :)

  6. I did the C25K program and loved it! I took as much time as I needed on each of the weeks- sometimes I repeated certain weeks for months! But it works! :)