Saturday, August 17, 2013

1 Week

1 week until I rejoin weight watchers and finally lose all of this baby weight. We are leaving on holiday for a week on Monday and on Saturday morning I will weigh in for the first time officially. I have jumped back over 200....I was never going to weigh that again. I don't know where it all went to shit but it did and I need to get a hold of it again. I have been eating like crap and I really feel it. I have been moving more but not enough for all the junk I have eaten.

So, I will be going to Weight Watchers and taking advantage of being a lifetime member and 3 free months after baby. I don't know that I will stay with WW after the 3 months as money is always a little tighter while on mat leave. I know I won't be down to my lifetime as that is just over 50lbs. at this point. I will be following the plan 7 days a week - not 4 or 5 like I have in the past.....the whole week! I will also be moving more. I have been debating about canceling my gym membership. Being on leave it is difficult to get to the gym. I am home all day with both kids and just don't feel comfortable taking the kids to the care at the gym. I think I might cancel and just do stuff at home. I have everything I need here. I could go when my husband gets home but then there is no time to spend as a family and I am still breast feeding so leaving Matt for too long can be hard.

I am also cleaning up my blog, the look is too much for me. Bear with me I am not good at this stuff! You would think I was 95 not almost 31.... ;) I am also looking for some new blogs to read - please leave me a suggestion of your favorite so I can expand my reading list!

I will be away for the week but back at it on Saturday August day before my birthday :)

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  1. Have a good vacation! I am getting back at this too. Stay positive!