Friday, March 29, 2013

The Test

So I had my GD test on Tuesday and let me tell you it was disgusting! The stuff they make you drink made me feel terrible! I don't have my results yet but if they are inconclusive then I will just be diabetic because I am not doing that again.

It's been a long week - my co workers are losing their minds and Grace has some allergies/a cold so I really feel for her. I did finally find a comfortable way to sleep. Looks like I will be on the couch for the next 11 weeks! I can't believe I am 29 weeks already! So fast! I cannot wait to meet this baby!

This morning I was browsing the internet and they had the before and after pictures of the Biigest Losers this season. It hit me pretty hard that after this baby comes I have a long way to go. Close to Biggest Loser way to go......I have never weighed over 200 pounds but that is my reality now. 207 and 11 weeks to go. This really freaks me out! I know I can lose the weight - I have done it before but this is just such an overwhelming thought right now. I am going to need to lose close to 80 or 90 pounds by the time all is said and done. EEK!

Well I can't worry about it too much right now. What I can do it eat well and have a healthy baby, the rest will come after.

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  1. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time sleeping! I think it's to prepare moms for the insomnia after baby comes ;) I can't wait until they're here! I bet grace will be a wonderful big sister!