Sunday, March 17, 2013

All The LittleThings

All the little things that run through your mind.....all the time. I keep thinking about how much out lives will change in the next 3 months. Friday marked exactly 3 months to my due date. I keep feeling this amazing little life moving around inside of me and I cannot wait to meet him or her. To finally have them on the outside and get to hold them and touch their sweet little face and hands and feet. I am also a little worried about how Grace is going to react. She has been the center of attention for so long now - I hope it's not too hard for her to share the spot light.

I have also been thinking about gestational diabetes a lot lately. I have to go through the 2 hour test next week and I am really not looking forward to it. I did not have it with Grace but I have had everything I didn't have this time around so why not toss GD in there too! I was at a ladies night on Friday and one of the other moms made me pretty paranoid....She was just trying to be nice and say that if it was the case she would be there for me because it was so hard when she had it. I don't know - I feel so irrational sometimes. I am feeling very run down and I think it is making me a little crazy ;p

My husband has been so amazing, especially these last few long weeks. I haven't been sleeping well so he has started sleeping in the other room so I can have more space and sleep wherever I find comfort. He has also been helping so much with Grace. I really needed a nap yesterday and he took Grace downstairs and kept her busy for hours so I could get some sleep. Such a great guy!

Well I am again trying to get into smoothies - any suggestions?


  1. The day before and the day of your test be careful what you eat. I had a false positive with my 2 hour test and had to go back and do another one when i was preggers with Ty. Of course in the middle of the night i had eaten spoonfuls of frosting. With Emma, that morning i ate chicken for breakfast!! I knew there was no sugar in that lol.

    Good Luck!!

  2. My OB told me low carbs the day before, and no carbs at breakfast the morning of the test. I had it with #1 and barely passed with #2. It's not as difficult as your friend made it sound, promise!!

    Smoothies.. I like mine with spinach, banana, water, and frozen tropical fruit (strawberries, pineapple, and mango). I add a little honey and flax seed, too. It's delicious!!

  3. Hope your test goes well!

    I like mango, banana, and strawberry. Or orange and mango. Yum!