Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The Canucks won game 1 tonight! So exciting - we scored in the last 19 seconds! Kristen - I love Rome, he is so tough!

In weight loss news I didn't get much activity in today as the game started at 5 and I don't get home until 4:30 and it was raining today =( Tomorrow I will be back at the gym - I am really looking forward to it! We had homeade perogies for dinner tonight and I am very proud to say that I stopped at 4 =) This is hard, they are SO good! I stayed on track throughout the day but lacked in the fruit and veggie department. I am going to add some more tomorrow and keep myself on track so I can see a loss on the scale. I am struggling with snacky things but I am doing better. I picked up some gum to help me out at work and I did notice a difference today.

Well I really don't have much else to say, have a good night!

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