Thursday, June 2, 2011


Another amazing workout at 30 Minute Hit! I was dripping sweat and it felt so good. I had a very hard time getting to the end of the workout and it felt so good to lay down and stretch! If you have one in your area please check it out - I have never worked so hard in 30 minutes!

My eating was pretty good today but I did have some chocolate that I did not plan on....I am struggling with the chocolate, I love it way too much! I have great days and not so great days but I am getting better. I am looking forward to the weekend - it has been a LONG week! I really need a weekend that is about 10 days probably wouldn't be long enough. I had an eye exam after my workout today and now I need to get some new glasses! I had to go in because Grace broke my glasses over the weekend. Yvon fixed them for me but not being able to bend one arm.....not so great. I am hoping to get out this weekend to find a new pair but with our plans for Saturday and now some for Sunday I don't know that we will have time. Next weekend I am off the Harrison Hot Spring for my SIL to be's stagette so I would like to get them before then but I don't think it's going to happen...we'll see.

Well enjoy your last day at work ;) I am hoping for a decent loss tomorrow!


  1. Good luck at weigh in!! Awesome job on the workout- I've never heard of it!

  2. Here's a chocoholic's tip for you. Get it out of the house. I am in LOVE with the stuff and when I'm craving it the stuff is not allowed in the house. My hubby likes chips so they are also banned. What we do is treat ourselves once and a while, think at the mall, you stop at Laura Secord and buy 1 fancy truffle and enjoy it. The other option is give the stuff to your hubby and have him hide it for you. My hubby has an emergency stash of chocolate for me just in case I really need it, but he then controls how much I get. It's a bit of a food police but we find it works really well for us!

    Don't feel bad about loving the stuff, it's normal. :)