Monday, June 6, 2011


I am sorry I was absent all weekend but the sun was shining and I was outside enjoying it! We had an amazingly beautiful weekend and I enjoyed every moment outside that I could. I got 3 great walks in and a sun tan =)

I was down 1.5 on Friday to 178.2. I was pleased with that but ate too much this weekend and have gained some of it back.....better get my butt back in gear. I meant to get up early this morning and do some Wii Fit but I must have set my alarm wrong and ended up sleeping in 15 minutes....I will remedy that tonight and from now until I go away at the end of July I will be up 5 days a week and in the gym 2 to help get me in shape for my brothers wedding. I am going to do 30 day shred, wii fit or one of my other videos. I think this should help speed things up with the weight and the measurements.

I have planned my food for the rest of the week and if I stick to it I should be able to see another loss on Friday. I am excited for the gym tomorrow (less the heat in there)....I should get a really good sweat going! I have to remember my water! I hate having to buy it when I have a perfectly good bottle at home ;)

Well I am watching my Canucks get killed by the Bruins in game will be better next game. I really hope Horton is okay - regardless of team you never want to see a player leave on a stretcher.

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  1. Yah for warmer weather! I so look forward to warmth with our really long snowy winters. However the snow has turned to rain and it's been doing alot of that lately ;-).
    Congrats on the loss, keep up the great work!