Sunday, May 25, 2014

Change Is Coming

Oh boy! I can't believe 11 1/2 months have passed so quickly! My baby boy will be 1 on June 12th and I can't believe it! He just had his first haircut and now he doesn't look like a baby :( I head back to work on June 16th and I am having mixed feelings. I am excited to have some "adult" time but I am sure going to miss my kids. My daughter seems to grow-up a little everyday and I can't find the pause button - she is 4 going on 16! She is amazing and frustrating all at the same time.

I have rejoined WW Online and haven't been doing so great. This week (I weigh in on Wednesday) I have faithfully tracked and I am quite proud of myself. My eating hasn't been great but I have been honest. I am trying to make better decisions but then I don't. It's plain and simple. If I eat crap I don't lose. On the bright side I have joined a Women's soccer team and it feels great. I am in TERRIBLE shape but I will get there. I am sad that I am paying for a gym membership and not using it but I just don't want to spend my down time at the gym. I know it is an excuse but I just don't want to leave as soon as hubby gets home and then be back in time for bedtime. I so enjoy our evenings together and I don't want to give them up. I have also started walking once a week with 2 of my neighbors. The pace isn't quite what I am used to but it seems to be getting better. We are at 3 different fitness levels but we all seem to be improving. I am waiting for my new sports bra to come in the mail so I can start the C25K - I am hoping this will help with everything (weight loss and soccer fitness).

I am going to take some time and update the blog with a new look and some correct numbers. Boy have I neglected this blog - I am looking forward to getting back at it and moving forward!

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