Monday, September 2, 2013

It's Moving!

The scale is moving in the right direction! I was down 1.8! I know it isn't a huge loss but I had my birthday and a day at the fair eating whatever I want in this week and I still lost. It put a big smile on my face and hop in my step.

We had a great long weekend and enjoyed some fun in the sun and some great company. I ate more crap than I should have but I counted it and I have moved on. I definitely find it easier to eat well during the week. The chips don't seem to come out and the meals are more scheduled. I did well but I could have done better. Something to work on this week.

I have been getting more activity in. My hubby and I are trading off so we can both get moving. We have a route that we both take (so we know where the other is). It's about 45 minutes and has a couple of small hills. I am sweaty and feel great by the time I get home. I have been debating about going back to the gym. I know people call it mom guilt but I just don't want to give up that time with both kids. At least I have Matt with my when I am walking. I just don't know if I can get enough of a workout at home. I don't know......

September is going to be a crazy month for us. My little girl is starting preschool and gymnastics in the same week. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I know she is ready but her listening leaves some to be desired....I just hope she will listen to her teachers better than she listens to us! I am excited to see her blossom - she is such a spitfire and I hope that never changes.


  1. First thing I saw when my dashboard popped up was "Baby" and "its moving" ha ah..... you can only imagine my excitement for you... ha ha! Im so happy for your declining numbers. May every ounce of fat over and above what God designed your body to weigh, go away for ever, many blessings on you in Jesus name.

  2. Great job! A scale moving in the right direction is always good. Great job getting some activity in too.