Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Day Challenge

I am challenging myself to 30 days on program (WW) with daily exercise. I bought myself a new Jillian DVD that is a kick boxing workout. I will be tracking daily...good and bad and I will be doing one of my dvds every day. Even Sundays. I need this to kick my lazy ass into gear.

I will be posting my weight and measurements tomorrow night and I will update my weight weekly and my measurement at the end of the month. I will also be posting more often. I started off strong getting back on program but I have really let things slip again. I find myself eating when I am alone...binging really. I just can't get a grip on things. I am so tired all the time and I just let it rule my life. I make sure I get outside with the kids everyday but it just isn't enough. I am not pushing myself. If I stopped by eating what I have with my daughter for lunch and dinner things would be going great...but I am not. I am eating so much is really a shitty cycle that I need to break.

I can't wait to see what this does for my body....hopefully I can finally start to get rid of all this extra. I have all this extra stuff left over from my pregnancy. I am only about 8-10 pounds from where I was when I got pregnant but my body just does not feel like my own anymore. I need to find my body - not what I had or have had in the past but just something I can feel good and comfortable in.

Anyone else looking for a challenge?

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