Saturday, December 29, 2012


Well Christmas is finally over and I have to admit that I am a little relieved. We had a busy holiday and are still going. We had a major milestone with Grace - she no longer uses her soo-soo (pacifier) at all! This is big for us. With another baby coming in June I really wanted to be past this stage. She was great over the holidays - we baked cookies for Santa and left carrotts for Rudolph. It is so amazing seeing Christmas through a little ones eyes again! It has really made the holidays fun again. Here is Grace with Santa:

She did so well! He asked her about Princess's and she was all his!

I am 16 weeks today and feeling so much better! I had a bladder infection  about 2 weeks ago and I am finally feeling better. The antibiotics are finally out of my system and the extreme nausea is gone. I feel like I can get back on track with my eating and back to the gym. I very luckily do not have to go back to work until Wednesday so I will probably be away from the gym until then. This is the longest break I have taken in a while and let me tell you I HATE not going. I really miss exercising and I find myself craving it. I guess this is a good way to feel. Hopefully this will be the longest break I take until I give birth. I will be away for 2 weeks in February as we are taking Grace to Disneyland with the Grandparents (both sets) and then spending a week with my parents at their trailor in California! We are all so excited and I can not wait!

I bought myself a pregnancy magazine for fitness as I was really unsure as to what would be best to do while I was there. I was not sure what was safe to do. From looking at all the different exercises I think I should be able to keep myself in pretty good shape. I am not sure which starting point I should use for my weight at this point. When we started trying I stopped weighing myself regularly. I was about 190 when I stopped weighing and I was 194 at my first appointment. I am currently about the same. I fluctuate a little because I have been so sick. I guess I will say 190 is my start and I am really hoping to keep it down to about 20 pounds gained. I gained 35 with Grace but I started out at 165. I am just going to do the best I can and eat the best I can.

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