Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Going to Go Away

That is my Mantra right now - the nausea is going to go away. I guess it helps keep the weight off. I still have trouble eating a full meal but I am trying to make them as healthy as possible. It can be really difficult when all you want is sits to much better!

We have started telling people and it makes it a little more exciting =)

I have sadly been neglecting the gym. Christmas is such a busy time for me at work and everyone has been sick! Any suggestions for fitting activity in? I try and do what I can but I am feeling pretty yucky at night and very tired! I thought my energy was going to come back? I could really use some right about now as I deparately need to get stuff done before Christmas! It is just over 1 week away and I need to get cleaning and wrapping!

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  1. I have been fairly sick for the last few weeks too and it has kept me at bay from feeling good and eating well. Hope you feel better soon