Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I feel like I am on repeat. It is the same old story every day. I had a great morning including an awesome workout and good eating all day. I am having real problems with the over eating when I am alone. I just want to stuff my face with a tonne of junk.

I really need to find a way around this. It is really starting to piss me off. It is holding my weight loss back. I could be doing much better but I am letting this beat me. I can do this - I have done it before. What the hell is holding me back! The more frustrated I get the worse I eat. I haven't ever given up I just seem to slowed down. Way too much!

Almost everyone at work seems to be on a diet as well. No one ever has anything helpfull to say but we all seem stalled in the same spot. None of us ever seem to get anywhere. I have tried to get someone going with me but the only one who ever really `participated moved last year. I am having a hard time getting my mom going too. She also works with me and is constantly bothering me about my diet and how she doesn`t want me to turn out like her. I get frustrated but I can`t seem to find the right words to tell her it isn`t too late for her either.....

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  1. awwwww :( Sometimes it helps me if I tell myself I can eat grapes or something instead of what I really want to eat- which is usually junk.