Monday, June 4, 2012

Long Road

This is becoming the most drawn out process ever! I just can't seem to get my shit together.... I keep "recommitting" myself. It is not working. I am at about the same spot as I was the last time I posted. I have been going to the gym but I don't seem to be able to get my eats under control. I am going to start using this blog again - not only for a place to vent but I am going to start recording what and how much I eat.

I also really need to get caught up on what is happening around here! I miss you guys!

Well this is a short post but tomorrow will be better and it will include my menu for the day. I will also be posting my workouts. I got an I phone so I have started the the C25K and I am really enjoying it. I am actually suprised - I get up at 5 so I can still hit the gym without missing too much time with my adorable daughter!

See you later =)


  1. I could have written you post word for word... my weigh in this week was the same from March (which was 6 lbs higher than April). Im slowly getting back... hope you are too!

  2. hi!!! I'm sorry to hear you're struggling, same page over here - I've recommitted over the past few weeks... WE CAN DO IT!! Glad to see you're back, we've missed you :D